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at Olympia London Stand delivery

Providing your own food and drink

Levy UK are the contracted Hospitality and Stand Delivery caterer for Olympia London, and the licensees for all private rooms and exhibition stands.

Levy UK provide two services at Olympia London, Stand Delivery and Hospitality:

Providing your own food and drink at Olympia London

If you are thinking of catering for yourself you will be liable for a charge.


The charge placed on wines, beers, liquor and soft drinks brought into the venue that have been purchased elsewhere.

This service encompasses the storage, chilling, delivery and the supply of appropriate disposible glassware. If you are using alcoholic beverages, Levy UK will become the licensee for your event and you will be briefed on the relevant licensing legislation. Delivery of drinks must be with us three days before your event. There are no minimum quantities for this service.

Champagne (70cl) £20.00 per bottle
Wines (70cl) £10.00 per bottle
Spirits (70cl) £30.00 per bottle
Beers (approx. 275ml can/bottle) £1.50 per can/bottle
Canned Soft Drinks and Mixers (330ml) £1.50 per can/bottle
Mineral Water and Fruit Juices (1 litre) £2.00 per litre

'Contract Buy Out' - Stand Holders

To cater solely for yourself with no input from Levy UK.

If you wish to cater for the event yourself, you can use the Levy UK 'Contract Buy Out' option. In taking this option, all food hygiene regulations will become your responsibility. Should you be serving any alcoholic beverages, by law you will be required to provide a personal license holder, who will be responsible for the activities on the stand. A copy, of the license is to be provided to the event/show organiser and the relevant forms completed. Levy UK will not be responsible in any way for food safety or licensing regulations. If you do not comply with the said regulations, your event will not be permitted to go ahead. For further details please contact sales on 0207 598 5700.

All photography is for illustrative purposes only, dishes may vary. All prices are exclusive of VAT.