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Looking after your visitors

Enhancing the show experience for you and your customers

Hospitality is good for business. Levy UK can help you cater for your stand visitors with an attractive range of food, snacks and drinks. These notes will help you make sure that everyone enjoys these items at their best.


All of the perishable food dishes and snacks that Levy UK supplies are freshly prepared on the premises by our experienced staff, in the most hygienic conditions.

Once delivered to your stand, fresh items should be consumed within 3 hours, although cold food can be stored for longer in a refrigerator if you have one on site.


To ensure everyone enjoys our catering at its best, try to plan your requirements as far ahead as you can. This way, you don't have to worry about it at the last minute, and we have enough time to prepare everything for you.

Remember that many food items have to be served fresh, but also that we need to have notice of your needs, so that we can obtain the right items in the right quantities and avoid waste.


With the exception of some items of equipment, everything supplied by our stand catering service is consumable and disposable. This makes it easy for you to serve your visitors and clean up quickly after impromptu meetings.

Make sure you dispose of any perishable food items that are not consumed on the day.

All photography is for illustrative purposes only, dishes may vary. All prices are exclusive of VAT.